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Kitchen Magic Alerts Customers: How to Spot a Bad Contractor

Kitchen Magic

Kitchen Magic has been helping customers remodel and resurface their homes for years, and it knows the industry inside out. This is why we always warn people who are thinking of having new cabinetry, counters, and other furnishings installed to be wary of unscrupulous, lazy, or otherwise poor quality contractors.

Kitchen Magic is a family-owned operation, so customers know what they are getting. But should you choose to reface or remodel your room with one of the large home center chains, you may be dealing with an independent contractor and not the chain itself. Stay on the lookout for these common problems and take steps if they occur, since by this time the home center chain will have already made the sale and will have no financial incentive to help you.

Kitchen Magic holds itself to the highest standards of quality and professionalism, but unfortunately most contractors aren’t as scrupulous as Kitchen Magic is. If the contractor is dragging his feet, shows up only a couple of times a week (always with an excuse, of course), and keeps promising things will get moving again soon, don’t buy it! Wishing and hoping is not going to change anything.

Kitchen Magic has simple advice that should apply to all contractors in all industries: if a contractor asks you to prepay for a portion of the job he hasn’t completed yet (or, worse still, hasn’t even started), don’t be foolish enough to hand him any money. He hasn’t earned it yet. Beware: the fact that he is asking could be a sign that the contractor is in some financial trouble. If this is the case, be prepared for the worst.

If the contractors ask for extra money for something they messed up and have to re-do, please don’t give it to them. That’s their problem, not yours. You’ll likely not see them again if he doesn’t know how to fix it, and you’ll be trying to track him down for months. In the unlikely event that Kitchen Magic made an error, they wouldn’t dream of asking their client to absorb the cost.

Kitchen Magic employees will never act impatient if you want to know more about the project. The same rule applies to all home improvement projects: if you don’t understand something the contractor is talking about, ASK! Don’t just let it blow over because you figure it’s not important or that he is smarter than you. Find out what the terms he uses mean to you and your project. Many people have told us that they didn’t understand what the contractor was talking about when he told them something, only to later find that he was talking about something they didn’t want or need.

Your best bet when remodeling or refacing is to use a reputable firm, such as Kitchen Magic, that provides you with real customer reviews and testimonials that give honest accounts of the clients’ experiences with the contractor.

Kitchen Magic has a reputation for excellence that began in 1979, and we continue our dedication to our customers, ensuring they are happy with their finished project. Our dedicated professionals explain the terms and conditions clearly and in detail so there is no confusion. Plus we offer a Lifetime of Home Ownership Warranty!
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